Vertical slats

Do you have large windows or are you looking for a spatial effect? Then vertical slats might be something for you. In addition to being practical, they suit every living style and they come in many different designs. With vertical slats you can determine the degree of daylight that you want inside, play with shadows or close the slats completely, the choice is yours. There is also a lot of choice in the color or material of these slats. For example, there is a choice between, for example, PVC slats or a luxury fabric. Vertical slats also make the room appear optically higher, which is ideal for smaller rooms. Dust attaches less quickly to a vertical surface, so this makes a difference in maintaining the slats. Afraid that this type of window covering will flutter? The weight at the bottom of the slats keeps it in place as much as possible

Roman blinds

Roman blinds bring atmospheric light. But you can also choose to go for completely blackout. Roman blinds come in many different colors and sizes. For example, do you need a roman blind for one large window or for a smaller window? The maximum dimensions for a roman blind are 320 cm high and 240 cm wide. There is also the possibility to combine your roman blind exactly the way you want it. In this way you can give the wooden slats a color and the woven paper and fabric also different colors. It is even possible to differentiate the color of the wooden slats at the front and back.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds have many advantages. They are available in solid colors, but also in cheerful designs and are suitable for almost every window. A big advantage is that roller blinds can be made to measure. Roller blinds come in light transmitting, but also in blackout. In a living room it is translucent, so you still have the necessary light, but you still have privacy. Blackout curtains are of course useful in a bedroom. That’s the great thing about blinds, they can really go anywhere in the house, for example also in the bathroom


Shutters are very practical. You can in principle place them for any type of window; small, high, round, wide, sloping and even also tilt and turn windows and skylights. They are also easy to maintain. This is ideal for example in the kitchen. There are also waterproof ones for the bathroom. They can also be used as a room divider or cupboard door!


With all those modern window coverings you would almost forget that you can also go for normal window coverings. If you suffer from a lot of draft or just glass, then thicker curtains are fine. In addition, long curtains also make the room appear larger. Unfortunately, curtains catch a lot of dust, so if you suffer from dust mite allergies, then opt for shutters or blinds, for example.




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