Many people buy something new to make their home more cozy. Often the purchase is disappointing afterwards because the color is slightly different, it is too big from too small. A bad purchase may then be the result.

Proffesional interior consultant

A professional interior consultant will personally come to your home for an intake interview. The space is measured and it will be discussed which furniture must be retained. The possibilities of the space and the follow-up steps will also be discussed. An interior advisor looks at different elements in a room such as lines, shapes, textures and colors. Based on this, it emerges what will best suit the room. Of course, the lifestyle of the residents and the location of the house are also taken into account.

After the interview, the interior consultant will make a preliminary design. After having presented this, adjustments can be made to make the design final. Often this is done by realistic 3D drawings.

Furniture stores

The interior consultants who are linked to a furniture store often give free advice. Realize that they would like to sell a piece of furniture and have almost no information about the space. Because the advisors do not come directly to your home, they do not know what you already have and what colors and materials you have on the floor and walls.

An interior consultant provides various services. This way you can get advice for certain rooms or all rooms in your house, company or restaurant. A total recommendation from an empty room to the accessories is useful for, for example, a new house. Color advice or styling advice is also possible. All to make sure that the interior is right at once and that there will be no miskopen.

10 reasons to hire an interior advisor

1. Help with researching the most efficient layout
2. Creative solutions and innovative ideas for the use of space 3. Has more insight into height / depth / light ratios
4. Help with finding the style that suits the customer
5. Has a lot of knowledge of materials
6. Advises with the purchase of furniture, upholstery, tiles, lighting
7. Has an overview of the total project and the detailed information
8. Helps with planning according to budget and schedule
9. Extensive knowledge of different building materials and their properties
10. Saves time and money by purchasing products on special conditions from reliable professionals.