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The winter is coming! To make your house, as opposed to the cold outside, nice and warm and cozy, here are some tips for your design. Whether it’s small adjustments or a completely new interior, read on and hopefully you’ll be inspired.

Be creative and have courage

Choose a large pattern wallpaper for the wall. Make each room unique and create different styles. Go slightly darker to make the space more exciting and create a warm, cozy atmosphere. Go for floral prints, geometric shapes or a chic leopard print combined with various decorative cushions.

Warm tones

It is logical that you do not paint your walls every season and therefore it is useful to use colors that can be used for both winter and summer. Earth tones, burgundy and ocher yellow are warm colors that you can combine with light/white colors. ‘Old colors’ such as old pink and blue make the room warm and give a cozy atmosphere.


For small adjustments it is nice to have wintery elements come back in your interior. Gold is a color that is common in winter and for festive occasions. Take Christmas as an example! Candles give a very warm atmosphere and are very cozy during cold evenings. Go for colored candles or take a scented candle with a winter scent like cinnamon or vanilla. Bring nature into your home through branches or create your own winter bouquet.

Soft materials

Soft fabrics always feel nice and certainly during the winter period they create a warm atmosphere. Swap your summer curtains for thicker, dark curtains. Just like you put on layers of clothing in the winter months you can also do that with rugs by putting various rugs over each other. These can vary in thickness and patterns. Combine materials and create not only a warm but also a playful atmosphere. Put a ‘faux fur’ rug on the couch or chair. These are small adjustments that make your room look very different and warmer. You can also do something a little bigger by choosing velvet furniture. This fabric is often available in dark/winter colors.


Lighting does a lot with the space and you can luckily determine that yourself. Change your light lampshades for darker caps. This results in a more subtle and warmer light. Candles and Christmas lights give a cozy atmosphere that many people love. You can also give your Christmas table an upgrade by placing a beautiful table lamp. Go for warm light and not for white LED light. Light bulbs are fun the whole year round and can easily be made, for example by choosing different cords or by hanging several together.

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