Working from home: how do you organize that?

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Because of the Corona pandemic more people are working from home. Some people like it, but some do not. A large part of liking to work at home depends on your home workplace. Many people work from the dining table, but there are people with a home workplace. Below I will give a few tips on how to organize your home workplace as good as possible.

Some employers provide a suitable home workplace for their employees that fits the Arboregels, but often the employees create their home workplace. A good workplace contains at least a desk/worktop and a desk chair. Often there are in an office desks that are 160×80 centimetres, but at home there is not enough space for that. It is best to provide a desk that is 140×70 centimetres. The depth of the desk is important because there must be enough space to stretch your legs. It is important that the screen or laptop can be placed at enough distance.

It is important to have a desk that is adjustable in height so it can be adjusted to the working height that you find most comfortable. These desks are often expensive, but you can also work with a worktop and adjustable furniture legs. The finish of the worktop is important, this can not be too sharp because your forearms support on this.

A workplace that is full of paper or folders is very disturbing. It would be best to create storage space, so your mouse does not touch the folder every time. You can storage this in a chest of drawers or a filing cabinet. There also must be a good spot for the printer.

While working from home you will sit quite a lot, so a good desk chair is a requirement. If the desk chair is a little cheaper, then you should pay attention to the comfort of the seat and the seating position. It is important that the desk chair is adjustable. This does not just count for the seating height, but also for the backrest. For a good seating position, it is important that the armrests can be adjusted as well.

What people often forget is that lighting plays a big part in working. For the people who do office work with a desktop or laptop, it is important that the lighting is adjusted to the glowing of the screen and keyboard. It is best to use indirect lighting: the light is emitted upwards and reflected from the ceiling. Sun protection should also be considered because nothing is more annoying than having the sun in your screen while working.