It will not be long before Christmas is around the corner again. The time of the year where we can pick out and decorate the most beautiful Christmas tree, listen Christmas carols and eat well. But what are the Christmas trends of 2018 where we can stay so nice at the fireplace? The Christmas trends are always determined and influenced by fashion and the trends in home decoration. Fashion and home decoration are available in all kinds of styles and tastes and that is why there is never one big Christmas trend. So there are a number of styles this year, here at a glance;

Green & Botanic with a culinary twist

The idea behind this style is to bring in the green nature. The main colors in this Christmas trend for 2018 are pine green, but also a deep blue-green color; emerald. The two shades of green are combined with wool white, brass gold and matt silver for a chic and natural result. Christmas and cooking together are one. This is therefore combined in the tree. Hence the name ” with a culinary twist ”. Furthermore, the natural materials also come back. You can see it so that, for example, you hang cookies in the tree or hang all kinds of kitchen utensils in the tree so as to bring the culinary atmosphere back into the tree.

Winters white with light blue

White, snow and ice, this winter style is never really out of fashion. This trend is only combined with the air and the earth this year. Blue with brown. This color palette is inspired by a winter morning walk. Think of a calm, snowy landscape. Dressed in morning dew and white cousins. This color palette forms a quiet, warm and cozy whole that is used in the Christmas tree. The Christmas balls are therefore also supplemented with natural woody decoration. This should really make you feel like you are walking through the forest. So you can combine all kinds of colors in white, think of winters white or pearly white. The colors blue mist or soft jeans blue with cashmere brown are also perfect for combining.

Modern Christmas

When you think of Christmas, you think of the colors red and green. In the modern style these two colors are mixed with some Scandinavian colors, white, light wood and eucalyptus. Hence the name ” Modern Christmas’. It is a bit fresher than the real traditional Christmas style. This Christmas trend really responds to the family feeling. Lots of toy trains, teddy bears, Christmas socks, polar bears, snowmen, merry Santa Claus and also funny Christmas figures for the tree.

Brown & blue

Rust brown and chocolate brown are combined with night blue and steel blue. Wool white finishes the color mix. This style is inspired by the winter outdoor feeling. On the terrace of a chalet or cozy outside with a winter barbecue. This trend for Christmas 2018 is tough and comfortable. He has something manly and rustic. But at the same time it is very stylish. Orange and / or yellow is also very nice to combine with this theme.

Classic Christmas

Even more classic than classic this year. The typical Christmas colors such as Christmas red and Christmas green are combined in this traditional theme with blush pink, oxblood red and mother-of-pearl. Light gold can not be missed. This Christmas trend is perfect for those who love nostalgic Christmas decorations. Innovative is the combination of the classic & traditional in this theme with a touch of romance. In addition to the typical Christmas red and warmer oxblood red, you can also find blush pink in this Christmas trend. It is precisely this color that makes it so sweet, soft and romantic! In addition to flowers, elegantly finished Christmas balls with lace details and silk bows, you can now also find trumpets and other gold-colored wind instruments, musical notes and trumpet-playing cherubs in and around the Christmas tree.

Gray & pink

This theme is primarily a living theme. The combination of stone gray with a somewhat harder color pink with linen gray and wool white is beautiful. Not only for Christmas, but forever. This Christmas style is simple, but luxurious. It has something Scandinavian and minimalistic and combines very nicely with light wood. In table legs, Christmas tree shapes and living chains, for example. This trend also has something warm and comfortable. Textiles also play an important role in this.