Now that autumn has started and the cold breezes begin to come, you want to sit inside with a blanket over you. We avoid the outside air and we close all windows and doors. This in contrast to the summer, when we throw everything open, so that cool air can come in. In the winter months we have a lack of fresh air and therefore less oxygen.

Nature in the house

Man needs nature around him. Think about how we used to live, when there were no cities yet and we still lived mostly in and with nature. By applying a lot of green and natural materials in your interior you can bring nature itself into your living or working space. We lock ourselves in and cover the windows. Now that we have brought a bit of outside inside, we can at least feel a little bit surrounded by nature. You don’t like plants? Then choose natural wallpaper or furniture. This can do a lot for the space and the atmosphere.

Natural air fresheners

There are plants that produce even more oxygen than a normal plant. These plants not only ensure that there is more oxygen in the room, but it also has an air purifying effect. Through the leaves, the plants absorb harmful substances and break them down. While producing oxygen, the plants also produce water vapor, which improves the air humidity.


It is totally in, a patio as the center of your home. Go crazy and bring some nature inside like this. It is a wonderful and ultimate way of living ‘around your garden’. You can push it as far as you want. Make it into a terrace, or just go for a tree or a few plants.

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