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Green in your interior is always a good choice. Houseplants make your home cozy and create a good atmosphere. You can put them anywhere and match them with other accessories.

I have a huge banana plant in the living room that keeps growing. It is in a corner next to the TV but it would fit perfectly anywhere. Put it in a nice pot and make a nice group with other accessories. Make sure to rotate the banana plant every now and then when the sun shines. This will ensure that the plant grows gradually.
If I lived on my own there would be 2/3 plants in every room. I am a fan of houseplants in the house because they create a cozy atmosphere.

What added value do houseplants offer?
– A houseplant in the house makes everyone happy.
– Houseplants in the house provide good air quality and they produce oxygen.
– Houseplants help you concentrate
– Houseplants are also known to help reduce stress.

Are you excited about more green in the house after reading this? Then I’ll give you a hand, because these are the most trendy plants of 2021:
Kentia palm
Olive tree