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Lately, a minimalist interior has become more and more popular. Simplicity, clean lines and a monochrome palette with a splash of color – these are the main characteristics of minimalism. Less furniture, not too many accessories and neutral colors. Because a minimalist interior is all about the beauty of the refined and the well-thought-out, you can save by placing too much furniture and accessories that you just don’t need.

To create a truly minimalist interior, the base must be neutral. Use light, cool tones like white, gray, and ecru. These colors are light and instantly transform the room into a peaceful oasis. Textiles add texture and warmth, giving a room an extra dimension. By different textures you create a little more atmosphere. Every piece of furniture that remains in a minimalist interior has a clear function within the interior. In addition, the furniture is usually sleek, straight and modern in shape.

You can therefore also choose to invest in designer furniture. The furniture is a statement in your interior and you spend a little more money once, but it is an investment. This way the furniture lasts a little longer and you could always sell them second-hand. This way you have less furniture and accessories, but they are good quality.