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Nothing is as changeable as the weather, but did you know that the weather, the time and the season also change the color of the light? You not only have dark and light days, but also during the year.

Light from the north

Light coming from the north has a blue glow of its own. Therefore avoid the color blue and shades with a blue / green undertone, it can give a cold effect to the room. Choose a warm color such as red, purple or brown.

Light from the east

Rooms that have light from the east may seem a bit blue. It is then best to work with colors like green and blue.

Light from the south

You could very well apply blue colors. Because the light from the south has a warmer glow, blue tones get a light and airy atmosphere. Red tones get a warm and refined look.

Light from the west

Spaces located on the west can work best with gray, pink and white shades. The light from the west provides light reflectors, this can be seen on a white wall. Because the light enters the room only later in the day, it can get warmer in the evening and in the morning it is a bit cooler.

Light and emotion

With light we create, as it were, an emotion. Sunlight makes people happy. So you notice that most people in the winter months are depressed, because the days are shorter and there is much less sunlight, which makes vitamin D. Man is also more active in day / sunlight. In a room with lots of sunlight, a person can concentrate better than in a dark room.

Light and space

From our instinct we always go to the light. Where there is light, there is space. With light you can also optically change a room. A room can appear wider or narrower, higher or lower by concentrating the light on the right walls, ceiling or floor. A home can change enormously when a light dome is placed in a room. The color and material of the floor also have an effect on a room. The floor has a large surface area and determines the overall atmosphere. Please note that the floor provides a certain color reflection. The processing of a floor also ensures that the color and the color reflection change. When you paint a floor for example, the reflection can be very different than when you have a matte floor.