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Time to deepen our knowledge of the new home trends for 2019. What can we expect in terms of colors and materials in the interior?

Everywhere in the world there are trend watchers who look at what is going on in their specific country, so that the trends change. Once a year all these trend watchers come together and discuss what the trend for the coming year will be. They put all their data side by side and make a color palette of it. The color of 2019 will be Spiced Honey. The color theme of Flexa for 2019 is ‘Let the light in’. Here Flexa has made 4 color palettes, namely;

1. A relaxing place to think

A nice mix of earthy tones, warm and a bit aged. With the blue-black hue that gives a tough touch to this combination.

2. A peaceful place to dream away

A subtle soft atmosphere combined with powder pink and cool shades of gray. A little sweet and romantic.

3. A cozy place to love

Warm and inviting by a mix of full and rich shades with lots of pigment.

4. A lively place to be active

An energetic pallet with bright colors. Here, Spiced Honey is a counterpart of the other shades, so that the whole remains in balance.


Outside the color of the year. Are there any interior styles that we will see again in 2019.

We live in a time that is experienced by many people as very turbulent on all fronts. There are many wars, many natural disasters, rapid technical developments in all sorts of areas and we get a lot of stimulation daily through our hectic lifestyle. This is expressed in new needs. Nowadays, people prefer to live in the city and because of this they lose the connection of nature a bit. Because of all the hectic stimuli you get when you live in the city, people have also felt the need to have a place where they can relax.

This creates home trends.

  1. Urban living

With less space, can do more. We have to be smart with our spaces nowadays because they are getting smaller and smaller these days. Ensure that the space is multifunctional and can easily be adapted to the situation. We want to feel comfortable, which ensures that the interior will be snug and intimate. Think of deep dark colors with soft materials such as velvet and velvet.

2. Nature

Because more people are going to live in the city, the connection to nature is a bit smaller than before. By bringing nature into the house we provide a bit of inner peace. What we see coming back are the earthy colors green and brown with natural materials such as felt, wool, bamboo and reed. In 2018 you already saw this trend, but in 2019 we will think bigger. Larger plants will be placed to stand out.



3. Structure

In this time we are only concerned with everything that should be perfect. In the interior we actually only have the need for the authenticity and purity of materials and not that it is made more beautiful than it actually is. The coarse structures and natural patterns come back. Think of honeycomb and waffle structures. In the base we will see tight cast floors with warmer tones in the interior. We also see more matte gold coming back.


4. Contrast

Opposite poles is actually the most important thing that we focus on in the interior. We are going to mix them. You can think of round and square, cool and warm tones and matte and shiny. Also the opposites of the materials are combined, think of rattan and velvet, linen and bamboo and a cast floor with wool.

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