Tuesday 5 October we went to Dekker Trend Center with Studio Flex. In the large showroom in Zevenhuizen we have seen the beautiful range of kitchen worktops, kitchen accessories and bathrooms.

Dekker has been a company that excels in custom work, quality kitchen worktops, kitchen accessories and bathrooms since 1930. They took us into the different materials, techniques and trends.




Kitchen countertops can be made of any kind of material. From TopLaminate to Ceramic and from concrete to composite stone. All these materials have different properties and prices so that there is something for everyone.

We have looked at different materials in both small and large format. There is a lot of choice in colours, textures and finishing.

Kitchen accessories

To realize a kitchen completely, kitchen accessories are needed. Dekker sells taps, washbasins, lighting, extractor hoods and maintenance products.

This they deliver is all desired colors and shapes.


Since 2014, Dekker has also been supplying complete bathrooms. From the shower floor to the mirror and from the vanity unit to the toilet. By means of an atmosphere description and preferences for material and technology, they can realize any dream bathroom.


In addition to presenting material and technology, Dekker is also a Trend Centre. In the showroom, all upcoming trends in the field of kitchens and bathrooms are shown.


Kitchen trends


The holistic home kitchen trend is a combination of different units with their own function, colour, shape and material. This way, the kitchen can be fully personalized to your liking.

The two most important colors in this trend are cream and forest green. These colors are combined with natural materials such as quartz or colored marble.

Another important point in this trend is the edge of the kitchen worktop. More and more often the colors of the sink and tap are incorporated in this to form a whole.



The name already says it a bit. It is a trend aimed at translating natural materials such as earthy colours,
robust materials and coarse natural structures. Geometric shapes such as a block, circle and arc are used for a cool look. Large contrasts in material and design make it feel homely, comfortable and luxurious. Striking elements make the kitchen exciting and make it an important part of the home.


Bathroom Trends


This trend consists of a natural combination of natural stone, wood and plants. These elements together make it an attractive bathroom and it does not feel monotonous.

This trend is all about grand gestures with clean architectural lines. The words that best describe it are tough, chic, handmade and eye-catchers that steal the show.


The Soft Stream is the opposite of Rural Chic. Soft and light colours, organic shapes with flowing lines and luxurious accessories are used here.

It is a quiet whole is really a place to relax to start and end the day.