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We went to the Architect@Work exhibition in Ahoy Rotterdam to get more inspiration in the architecture and interior world. It is also a nice place to make contacts with different suppliers.

The exhibition was entirely dedicated to architecture and light, showing the latest materials and innovations in this area. During the fair you could go to seminars to watch and listen to different topics. For example, we went to the artist Daan Roosegaarde. The purpose of his presentation was to inspire the audience and perhaps to apply the acquired knowledge to new designs. There were a number of seminars such as: Patrick Koschuch – van Dongen-Koschuch Architects and Planners, Siegrid Siderius – Lighting Design Netherlands and Paul de Ruiter – Paul de Ruiter Architect.

Paul de Ruiter

Daan Roosegaarde

All stands stood with about 4 companies in a box that was covered with black cloths. Because of the fairly dark space, the experience of the light was much more intense. It was also more pleasant to communicate because you are not distracted by the environment.

During the fair you could enjoy free snacks and drinks in the corridors. Everything was neatly organized. We have seen many new innovations in the field of architecture and interior. A unique look in the trends of 2019.

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