Studio flex is currently working on the “hotel suites de pier” project where they are realizing six hotel suites on the Pier in the Hague. For this project it was necessary to look carefully at what kind of furniture and materials suited the suite the best. One of the components that needed to be looked at was, what kind of sofa should be used in the suite. This raised the question: what kind of sofa is better in terms of maintenance, a fabric- or leather sofa? An important part of a brand new sofa is maintaining it. The idea is that it will stay beautiful for as long as possible and that it will last for years. Below we will look at what you should pay attention to when choosing a sofa.

Each furniture has its own maintenance that consists of three standard parts: daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and periodic cleaning. Some products are easier to maintain than others, but what about leather and fabric. In general leather is more durable than fabric. It stops more stains that would, for example, seep into fabric covering. Leather is fairly dirt-resistant and is therefore easier to dust off. Of course, you must remove stains immediately otherwise stains may still appear. Fabric on the on the other hand is not very resistant to stains. In most cases, a fabric sofa can handle a light spot. This means it has a harder time removing hard stains and, in some cases, even impossible to remove, a good example of this is a wine stain.

In addition to stains, you should also consider the following things when you place your sofa somewhere. Remember to take sun and daylight into account. Try not to place the sofa in direct sunlight as discoloration will occur over time. This also applies to heat sources. Other circumstances that may also have an impact are perspiration moisture and dark jeans.

Now on to the steps you need to take to maintain your sofa properly. The steps for a fabric sofa are as followed:

  • (you can) dust off daily
  • Vacuum weekly (with the designated nozzle)
  • Clean thoroughly every month

If your sofa is dirty you can hat it professionally clear otherwise you can clean it with corresponding cleaning products.

Leather sofas generally have more maintenance, depending on what kind of leather you have of course. Synthetic leather (fake leather) has less maintenance than real leather. For leather apples the following:

  • Wipe daily with a slightly damp cloth
  • Vacuum weekly with a cleaning nozzle (intended for cleaning furniture)
  • Clean monthly with the corresponding cleaning product and impregnate afterwards

Which sofa you want in your house naturally has to do with personal preference. However, it is good to see what kind of maintenance has. Leather sofas are more durable but need more maintenance. Fabric sofas on the other hand are easier in terms of maintenance but generally get dirty quicker.