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Tranquil Dawn Every year a new color of the year is created by 12 experts who watch the world move. These experts look every year at consumer behavior, design trends and social trends around the world. Here they draw their conclusions. This year it is inspired by the sunrise.


A human touch
This year’s theme is “A human touch”, this theme has come about because we are more concerned with what makes us human. The world is becoming more superficial due to digitization, therefore there is a greater need for connections in the real world. A new decade is starting and we are reviewing our norms and values. We want to take more care of each other and also important for ourselves. We want to know where we come from and which skills go with it. A fresh start such as a relaxing morning, we come closer to nature. With this color, Akzonobel has developed 4 color palettes based on trends and developments in the world.

Palette 1: A home for care
People want to care about something. Because of modern life and our increasing dependence on technology and social media, we are getting away from the things that really matter – our relationships, our health and the community and nature in which we live. More and more people are getting the need for real, meaningful relationships. People, nature and the state in which they live measure on the connection. And they increasingly ask themselves the question: what can I contribute to society? This palette has soft and airy colors. In combination with simple lines and a relaxed style create a light and spacious atmosphere. Light wood, suede and together with objects made of ribbed velvet and wool give the interior a modern look, with elements of silver, gold, copper and mother-of-pearl providing the chic touch. By adding plants and botanical prints you bring nature and a tense feeling inside.

Palette 2: A home for play
People want more playfulness. Our lives are increasingly taking place online, via social media. That is why there is a growing desire among people to make more room for fun moments and unexpected experiences, offline. People want to enjoy the real life. Fantasy increasingly appeals to the imagination and that also applies to the willingness to be open to other, new ways of looking at life and to actually live it differently. This palette creates open and receptive spaces for playful experiences. The atmosphere exudes youthfulness and vitality and is modern and relaxed. By making this palette extra playful you can combine it with geometric patterns and an interesting mix of material used, including plywood and statement accessories with bold textures.


Palette 3: A home for meaning
People are looking for meaning. Our trend analysts have noted that in this busy, digitized world, which can feel superficially, we lack depth and meaning. The rapid advancement of technology raises doubts about our goal. In the life where we constantly have to do things, both offline and online, it is difficult to feel the peace, to go into the silence and to experience gratitude for everything around us. This palette gives the impression of a place where we cannot be disturbed and where we can focus on where we want to go and what we find important. What fits in with this in a home is something minimalist, down to the sombre, but human, in the sense of comfortable and caring. Clean lines and functional shapes complement basic and tactile materials such as wood, leather and linen, and also perfectly match the soft shine of polished concrete. The emphasis here is on the timeless quality that even improves over the years. This palette is the luxurious form of simplicity in its purest form.

Palette 4: A home for creativity
People want to be creative. With the rise of globalization, mechanization and technology, we realize that we are losing the skills of our ancestors. our ability to be creative is declining. Due to the virtual reality that is becoming increasingly refined, we lose touch with reality. It feels like the right time to ask the fundamental question: what makes us special and different from robots? With this palette you can let your curiosity and creativity run free, use our hands and see the beauty of the imperfect of the things we make. In a home, age-old and trusted materials are used in a modern context, such as wood, leather and earthenware, coupled with artificial flowers, printed cotton and hand-woven plaids. Spherical and eclectic spaces are created through the use of relief and