Decorating a small bedroom can be quite difficult. You want to put as much stuff in it as possible. This is also something I encounter every day. Still, you can make sure you can decorate a small room properly and make it look bigger.

Before you start planning how to furnish your bedroom, it is best to think about what you want to put in your bedroom. Will your bedroom become a place where you can just sleep or will you work here too? How much space do you need for your clothes and shoes? Do you also want to store other things in your bedroom? These are questions you should ask yourself before you start decorating your bedroom.

Colours play a major role in making your room appear spacious. Light colours make your space appear larger, because these colours reflect more light. Dark colours can make a room appear even smaller and more oppressive. Therefore, try to work with light and neutral colours. If you still want a dark colour in your room, it is an idea to let your wall paint or wallpaper, for example, only come to half of your wall. Usually your room is larger in lenght or width, it is best to choose one of these walls if you still want to paint a wall completely. Also, to make the room appear higher, it is best to choose curtains that reach te floor, this makes the ceiling appear higher.

A bed can of course not be missing and is an element that takes the most place in a bedroom. There are several options to give your bed a storage function so that you can also use this space.

  1. A raised bed with storage space
    By raising your bed you can create storage space below, so you no longer need extra cupboards to store your personal items or you can even use this to store your clothes.
  2. A bed with drawers
    By putting a bed with storage drawers underneath, you can store things here. It is especially useful for smaller items.
  3. A folding bed
    You can also use a bed with storage space where you can fold it up, below you can store things. It is also an idea to use a bed that you can fold up, making it look like a cupboard. The bed is foldable, so you save a lot of space.

Other storage space is also needed in a bedroom. For placing a wardrobe in a small bedroom it is useful to use a wardrobe with sliding doors, this saves space and you can easily open it. You can also choose to use a wall desk, you can put things inside. Here you have many variants of a wall desk that resembles a cupboard to a mirror!