How do you best organize your home office?

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Working from home is something that almost everyone suddenly had to do last year. But if you

normally never work at home, how do you know how best to organize your “home office”? In this blog I am going to give seven tips about this.


Tip 1: The location of your office

If you have a spare room or already have an office room, this is of course easy to choose, but

not everyone has this of course. Think about where in your home you prefer to work. If this

for example your bedroom is make sure that you create a place that you only use to

to work, you can do this by means of a partition or a curtain. Then you can still use the

create an illusion of a separate space.


Tip 2: Clean up

Make sure you tidy up your home office. If you have a tidy workplace, you will become less quickly

distracted. Make sure that the things that are present at your workplace only have to do with your work.


Tip 3: The agency

When choosing your desk, take a good look at how much storage space you need. If you like it

of course you need more storage space to work at a very empty desk

for example when you like to have different pens, exercise books and other stuff inside

reach on your desk. Also take a good look at the place where you place the desk in the room. Do you think

do you like to put your desk against a wall or do you like to have a view?

so that you can look outside, this of course has to do with your personal preference.


Tip 4: Daylight

Make sure there is enough daylight in your home office. The more daylight and fresh air there is

the more energy you get, so you will work harder. Whatever you

boosting productivity is a little green in your workplace, choose plants that are simple

such as succulents and palm species.


Tip 5: Office chair

Don’t skimp on your office chair. If you sit on your office chair all day long, it is important to prevent back pain, so choose a chair that is firm and comfortable. Furthermore, it is of course a personal taste which appearance and design you like of a chair.


Tip 6: Lighting

In addition to daylight, it is also very important to purchase good work lighting. If you are not good

work lighting, this is bad for your eyes, you also get headaches because your eyes are more

have to do their best to read things from paper.


Tip 7: Accessories

Try to make your workplace your own with accessories. It is of course different for each person how

this looks like, for example, someone just wants functional accessories and the other wants to brighten up their office

through accessories. Also think of a coffee machine or a kettle,

if you put this in your home office, you won’t be distracted every time you walk to the kitchen for a cup

make coffee or tea.


It is especially important that you feel comfortable in this place and that it is completely to your liking

furnished, because this gives you motivation to work well every day in your own

Home office.