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The most beautiful, fun and enjoyable island in Spain if it were up to me. I say this but actually I have never been here. It has been on the planning a few times but corona did not allow it. Many of my friends come here every vacation and even live there. I hear such cool stories about it that I shouldn’t miss it.

The coziness on the streets and the cozy campsites and hotels seems so cool to see. There really is an Ibiza style created that you can take home with you. There are a lot of stores selling this style lately.

These are my favorite sites/shops:
– Ibiza Fashion
– LifestyleIbiza (Instagram)
– Bregjestyling
– Boholifestylestore.
– And of course at the hippy markets

When I look at this style and the interior of people’s homes I see a very soft and warm look with a busy print now and then. Many warm colors and yet brightened up by the small bright colors. At home I also have some cheerful Ibiza accessories. It really creates the cozy atmosphere in the house.