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Selecting a kitchen is not done in an afternoon and you do not choose it for only 5 years. That is why it is important to take a good look at current trends and some points that are important when buying a kitchen. We summarize the most important trends for you.

Raw Rituals

This kitchen trend is derived from the Ethnic Nature trend from 2018. This trend was mainly about the use of natural materials. The Raw Rituals trend goes even deeper into this. Raw Rituals focuses on well-being and spirituality. Materials that completely fit for a kitchen in the Raw Rituals trend are: (coarse) wood, metal, natural stone, marble and concrete. At Ethnic Nature the accents were filled with matte black, at Raw Rituals that is replaced by copper or gold. This gives a warmer accent and has a nice contrast with the wood. The new leaf colors from Dekker Zevenhuizen give exactly the Raw Rituals effect. For example, you have Evora Ceremics Grava that shows real pieces of stone and the new Lapato finish from Evora Compact Granite, which gives the worktop a weathered appearance. With this style you can also choose a striking contrast by using dark green as accessories or as a color for a classroom door. Terrazzo can also be used as a contrast. This color is called Evora Quartz and gives a refined terrazzo look to a neutral gray hue.



Terrazzo is a type of stone that comes all the way from Italy. It consists of a mix of granite and marble grains. Pieces of glass and color pigments are added to this mixture to obtain the desired color and structure. Cement is used as a binder. A terrazzo worktop has several advantages, for example that it is finished with different protective layers, the countertop is heat-resistant, the material is scratch-resistant and it is very light, making it easy to move.




With induction, cooking is done with electromagnets that immediately heat up the bottom of your pans. With this method of cooking your food will be ready faster than with a gas or ceramic hob. You do need special cookware with a magnetic hob. Otherwise your hob can be damaged and it will not work properly. With induction you usually have 4 cooking zones. You can also often combine zones so that you can create a large zone for a large frying pan, for example. The hob can be operated by touch buttons that are integrated in the cooking surface. Because the hob is one flat surface, it is easy to clean by just wiping it with a damp cloth. There is usually also a child lock on the plate, which means that it cannot just come on. Also the zones do not get too hot, you could actually just hold your hand on it without being bothered immediately.

What is a specific kitchen trend for 2019 is an induction cooker with a built-in extractor hood. The Bora brand specializes in this. They put high-quality and inexpensive hobs on the market.




Gold, copper, stainless steel and black are all new colors in which sinks and matching faucets are available. There are many different brands that have these colored kitchen accessories on the market, such as Reginox, Selsiuz and Quooker. These combinations are daring and real eye-catchers. For example, choose a ton sur ton palette that makes the entire kitchen stand out or, on the contrary, a very large contrast that makes the sink and faucet stand out. Just explained how the sink retains its color. The Selsiuz Steel faucets are made of stainless steel, just like the sinks. Both owe their color to the PVD technology. PVD stands for “Physical Vapor Deposition”: an advanced technology in which molecules from a gas or vapor attach to the stainless steel, creating a color. Thanks to this technique, the metallic luster of the stainless steel is retained.