By mixing different styles in the interior you create something timeless and something that suits you. But how do you do that? An example is to mix vintage with a modern interior, this is a nice contrast. For example, you can create a modern environment and place an old chair there. This makes the chair really an eye-catcher in the room because it causes a contrast.

This way you can also combine multiple styles. However, you have to take colors into account. These have to fit together and you have to create a certain feeling, otherwise it will be a mess.

In this room three different styles are used, Scandinavian, industrial and vintage influences are applied. The typical Scandinavian style is nicely mixed with industrial vintage furniture. The large surfaces are airy and light. By applying tough materials and colors, the airiness of the Scandinavian atmosphere is broken and you get a nice contrast. An example of this is the leather chair. This has a tough look because of the leather and the dark colors.

Rural does not have to be boring, by combining it with retro and an industrial atmosphere you get a completely different feeling. As in this picture, where a retro refrigerator is used with light colors. The rural atmosphere does not dominate too much but is compensated by the other styles.

The nice thing about mixing different styles is that it becomes something ‘personal’, without taking too many things from others. You can use elements of it to keep up with the trends, but by mixing different styles you get to something original where you can really feel at home.

Actually you mix your own style over the years, every now and then you get rid of old things or buy something new. By following the trends that appeal to you and adding new stuff in the right color, you can start creating your own interior style.

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