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Nowadays we all want to live in the city. Often it is quite expensive but the location is worth the money. A small house is also often more sustainable because you use less surface. Yet you want the limited space that you have to at least appear somewhat spatial. In this article you can find a number of practical tips to make your space look bigger.


Light is very important in a room, so many, and preferably large, windows are essential. Light makes a space appear larger. Unfortunately, not every room has large windows and then it is a good alternative to use light colors on the walls and ceiling. White reflects the sunlight and makes walls seem further away. In the case of dark colors, such as black, the walls attract optically towards you because the sunlight is absorbed. If you want to create a more mysterious atmosphere, you can also use natural tones on the wall and combine them with dark furniture.


If you are going to decorate a small home you would probably think that you should also use small furniture. However, that is not entirely true. Actually, it is best to use large furniture because with small furniture it can quickly appear messy. Try to avoid massive furniture, but opt for a sofa on high legs. This adds more space to a room. Being creative can help to come up with good solutions. If you regularly invite a lot of friends, you could use retractable furniture as a solution to create more seating.

The layout

The layout also plays an important role in the spatial interior. You are inclined to put everything into corners. But by leaving the corners free and using airy furniture, it looks more spacious and tidier. If you want a separation, you can also do this by placing plants or putting a bank across, so that a sort of natural separation is created.

Storage space

Over the years you get more and more items, but of course you do not want your home to become a mess. Instead of a cupboard, it would be best to fix wall shelves on a high spot on the wall. That way your walls seem higher and you can not see the stuff lying on the shelves. The reason not to use a cupboard is because it takes up a lot of space and it is like placing a solid block in the room. Do you still want a closet? Try to be creative with a sofa in which you can store things or try making a cupboard under a staircase..


By putting plants in your room, the room is also optically larger. By placing hanging plants, your ceiling seems higher and it also looks nice. Everyone knows that mirrors also have a spacious effect. It is better, though, to place one large mirror in the room than a number of small ones.

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