How nice is it to have plants in your house. It gives your interior so much atmosphere and freshness. Plants ensure a better climate in the house, give you peace and reduce stress.

Do you have enough space in your house? Then choose a large plant. This way your space will be cozier immediately. The Strelitzia Nicolay, Monstera Deliciosa and the Yucca are examples of hip large house plants.

If you don’t have a lot of space in your house, you can always choose to make a combination of all kinds of small plants. Combine high and low plants. Different pots also make it playful.

You can accentuate the height of a room with hanging plants. You can hang plants anywhere, in front of a window, in the kitchen or in a nice corner. Succulents are well suited for hanging. These can go a little longer without water.

Do you have green fingers and do you like to cook? Then it is nice to choose some herb plants for the kitchen. Think of a basil plant, rosemary, mint etc .. These plants can survive well indoors. Make sure they get enough light and water.

There are all kinds of jars. If your interior is a bit boring in color, take a pot in a cheerful color. Make sure that the plant has enough space in the pot so that the roots can grow well.

Cuttings of plants

I am busy with cuttings of plants. A while ago I started cutting the sedum buritto.

First I had put a branch of the plant in the soil in the hope that it would take root. I saw the leaves deteriorate, so this is not good. It may also be that I have given the earth too little water at this time .. In the end I removed all the small leaves from the stem and laid them on the earth. This worked. Small carrots arrived. Slowly you will see some small dots appear, the new leaves. Make sure they get enough light. Spray them twice a week with some water.

Later I found out that you can also leave a sprig in a bottom of water. As soon as the roots start to grow you can put the plant in the soil.

There are many plants that you can cut yourself. This saves you a lot of money and it is nice to see a plant develop. You need a lot of patience for this. It can take a few years for your cuttings to become a real plant.

How do you maintain a plant?

Every plant has its own instructions. One plant needs a lot of water and the other a little less. You will always receive this information when you purchase a plant.