When setting up an office, it often involves more things than just putting down a desk and a chair. It is important to look at ergonomics, acoustics, atmosphere, sustainability and the first impression visitors get. In this blog we will tell you what you need to know to set up an office properly.



With ergonomics you can, for example, think of having a good desk chair or an adjustable desk. These two points are very important to prevent various physical complaints. With a good office chair you are forced to sit in a good sitting position, so you have less pressure on your upper body. By using a backrest that can bounce, movement is promoted while you sit. The height of your desk is also not unimportant. Due to the wrong height of your desk you have the chance of neck complaints that radiate all the way to your back. The best thing is to have a relaxed position where you have to raise your shoulders and you don’t have to bend forward to read your screen. But ergonomics goes further than just having a good desk chair and adjustable desk. the ideal working environment is also important. Then it is mainly about the temperature, lighting and humidity so that employees feel comfortable. Good lighting is also important, for example reading a book by candlelight is more tiring than with a reading lamp.


Sound consists of vibrations. The vibrations ensure sound and a reverberation time. Most of the noise is caused by the human voice.

Good acoustics are important for the concentration of people in the workplace. If the acoustics are not good, the employees are up to 12% less productive. They are often distracted, and it interferes with mutual communication. There is also more chance of physical complaints.

Solutions for better acoustics

There are various things to improve acoustics such as: acoustic walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and elements.

Products that are often used to improve office acoustics are:

o Wall coverings

o Cabinets with doors with acoustic material

o Desk screens

o Acoustic panels

o Poufs made of acoustic materials

o Mobile acoustic walls

o Lamps

o Planting


The atmosphere at work is very important, the happier the employees, the more productive. This also has a lot to do with the health of employees. An office with a good layout, light, space and greenery not only makes a positive contribution to the health and productivity of employees, but also their well-being. Employees enjoy going to work and are more social towards their colleagues. So the atmosphere only gets better. You can also improve creativity. By not opting for scant furniture, but rather a comfortable sofa, armchair and oval tables, the space invites you to quickly consult each other. You visit each other faster and talk to each other more easily, also in the creative field.


Why choose sustainability?

Offices use more energy than you think. You can save energy with a few minor adjustments. That is not only better for your wallet, but also for the environment.

Recyclable chair

The designer Herman Miller designs sustainable office chairs. He designs via the cradle-to-cradle protocol. The chairs he designs consist of 46% recycled material and are 93% recyclable.

Leasing office furniture

Are you planning to purchase new office furniture? Leasing is a sustainable option. You don’t buy new furniture, you can rent it.

Shut down your computer

When you no longer use electronic devices, switch them off. Think of the copier, the printer, the coffee machine, PCs and smartboards. Also don’t forget to turn off the light when you leave a room.

Cut on paper

Print on both sides
Use old sheets for taking notes
No more small orders

It is better for the environment to place a large order in one go. So you only have to pay shipping costs once, less packaging material is needed and less fuel is needed to drive the packages back and forth.

You have one chance to leave a good impression with a potential customer or employees and that starts with entering the office. There are three guidelines that help to give a good first impression of your office.
The first is to provide an inviting office, in particular the entrance. This is the first thing customers and partners see so make it look like they are welcome. For example, for a waiting room, comfortable furniture is a good investment. Nobody likes waiting on hard plastic chairs for an appointment. A little personality is not wrong either. You can do this through the use of color, materials and unique furniture. Placing plants makes the room more pleasant and gives it more atmosphere. The right “layout” is also a way to ensure that the first impression is good and that people feel welcome.
Good lighting is important for many things. Natural lighting is the best lighting there is. It provides a friendly appearance and generates a positive feeling. There will probably not be enough natural light to properly illuminate the entire room. That is why artificial light will be needed, by taking artificial light in all the same color it becomes a calm whole. With the color of the lamp itself take into account the other interior design of the room. It is also nice to put down a unique lamp. This can serve as a conversation opener.
Finally the appearance. A clean and tidy office provides an attractive appearance and this makes the office look even larger. That is why it is also important to provide enough storage options. Circulating papers are messy and give the impression that the company is not technically in order. Make the office look professional. This must fit the company, not every company is the same.