Working flexibly, also called the new way of working. With ex working you are no longer in a fixed place with your regular neighbors. But you are in a different place every day.

Different spaces are used for flex work such as:

– a room where you sit together

– a space for creative effort

– a space to unwind

– a space to isolate yourself

– a homely place

– meeting rooms


By not being in a fixed place anymore, this can help you concentrate better on work and thus also get in touch with fellow colleagues that you actually never miss. Board members are also no longer in a room with each other, so the physical distance also becomes smaller. So ware is also used that you can use to log in anywhere, so that you can use your own laptop on your tablet, etc. This means you can also work from home, so if it is not convenient to go to the office, you can also choose to go home to work. Productivity is higher with flexible working than not with flexible working because you organize the time yourself, as long as the work is finished at the end of the day. There are also a number of disadvantages to flexible working. A lack of privacy, suppose that the space to isolate yourself is occupied and you have to make an important phone call, this impedes privacy. Expanding your workplace is also no longer possible, so you have to do everything every day leave it neatly because someone else can be seated the next day. Flexible work does not work at every office, some colleagues always go to each other and then still take a permanent place. This way conflicts can arise.