You can see that many people are more environmentally conscious nowadays. It is also true that a very large part is based on interior and living. This is reflected in sustainable living. But why are we dealing with this and what exactly is it?


By living sustainably you can contribute to a better, cleaner and better world. Many people also apply a sustainable life to save money. For example, think of better insulation or double glazing, which means that you have less heating costs. You can also reduce your ecological footprint through sustainable living. An ecological footprint is a measure that indicates how much space a person needs to produce everything that person consumes. In the Western world, we take up more production space than is available per person. If everyone in the world were to take up so much production space, we would actually need more than 1 globe. That is a lot!

Sustainable living is nothing less than adapting your home so that it becomes more energy efficient. In this way you can ensure that you live in a more environmentally friendly way and save money. You have different types of ways how you can turn your house into a sustainable home;


# 1 separate waste

This is one of the easiest ways you can apply to ensure that you live and live sustainably. Recycling waste also ensures that you are aware of your waste. For example, you could also consider how to ensure that you use less plastic. Many companies have been working on this for a long time. Consider, for example, the Dopper bottle. They ensure that you do not buy a bottle of water time and time again and then aim it in the bin.


# 2 LED lights

Another easy way to implement sustainability in your home is to say goodbye to all light bulbs and replace them with LED lights. Replace 5 light bulbs with LED lights and quickly save € 40 a year! If you can work even more fanatically then you could occasionally use candles in the winter. This way you immediately create a nice winter evening with atmosphere and you save again. Win win!


# 3 rainwater

It is of course a shame to leave all the rain water and not use it. That way you could collect rainwater and reuse it to water the plants.


# 4 showering

A luxury shower that we have at our disposal in the west is a hot shower. If you look at Third World countries it is not obvious to have a shower with hot steaming water. We tend to have a long hot shower very quickly. If you set a maximum for your shower time, you already save a lot. Just think that a shower consumes 6 liters of water in 1 minute!


# 5 electrical appliances

Do you know that? That you leave your equipment on stand-by in haste or out of convenience or leave the plug in the socket. In this way you ensure that energy continuously ‘leaks’. That is why it helps a lot to remove the plugs from, for example, the microwave and to switch off your computer completely.


# 6 the freezer

Many people connect the freezer and leave it for what it is. Eventually a lot of ice accumulates and the freezer is more concerned with keeping the ice cool than all the food in it. Defrost your freezer occasionally and this way you avoid having to work harder to keep all the ice cool.


# 7 the car

Last but not least, take the bike more often or choose to leave home a little earlier to start walking. This way you naturally use less fuel.

The above tips are of course small and easy adjustments that you can make to be more sustainable yourself. If you want to take it all to the next level, you can make some larger adjustments to your home. For example, you have the solar panels that you can work with, or replace the central heating boiler with a more sustainable work. And of course you have better insulation of your house.



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