Since the beginning of this week, our team has been strengthened by Kajol, Kaylee and Dominik. They will do an internship with us for the next 10 weeks.




Kajol: Hi! My name is Kajol. I am 20 years old and I come from Zoetermeer. I am currently in my 3rd year of the Interior Adviser course at the Hout and Furnishing College in Rotterdam. In addition to my busy life as a student, I work as a sales agent at KPN and as a salesman at Interieurwinkel Edwin Pelser. When I finally manage to escape all the hustle and bustle you can often find me in the books or I am again a tourist in another country. In addition, I also share a passion for dancing which I have done for a total of 6 years.

Kaylee: I’m Kaylee, 18 years old and I live in Bleiswijk. I am currently in the third year of the Interior Adviser course at the HMC in Rotterdam. The training lasts four years, so I will take the exam next year. In addition to this study, I work in the hospitality industry. I also like to play tennis and visit different cities.

Dominik: Hi! My name is Dominik. I am 21 years old and I am from The Hague. I study at MBO Utrecht where I follow the architecture, design and design course with the ultimate goal of obtaining the title of middle-level construction officer. At the moment I am in the second year. In addition to my studies, I work in a nice wine restaurant Lemongrass on the harbor in Scheveningen where I always have fun. In my spare time I am busy running and drawing and I also enjoy tinkering with computers.



Kajol: It is of course very nice that we get the opportunity to do internships from school. I used to do an internship twice and this has been in a home store every time. I have now consciously chosen to do an internship at a studio so that I can gain more experience within the design process. What appeals to me primarily at Studio Flex is that they go back to basics: “People in the Netherlands are in a building for about 80% of the time” and “Interior design may include the most personal side of architecture.” That’s how they distinguish themselves from the rest and made it for me that I chose Studio Flex.

Kaylee: After two successful internships, I started looking for an internship that I think I can learn a lot and that suits me well. I had this at Studio Flex after seeing the website. I really enjoy working with digital programs. In addition to interior, I also find architecture very interesting. That is why I chose Studio Flex.

Dominik: Because in my second year I had the opportunity to do an internship of 10 weeks, I searched the stagemarkt.nl for a nice training company based in The Hague and then I found Studio Flex. On their website I have seen that they are involved in various fun projects and that appealed to me because these projects also connect well with my education.



Kajol: I actually expect that I will have a great internship during which I learn a lot. Of course I also hope to gain a lot of knowledge that I can subsequently apply later.

Kaylee: I think I have a fun and educational internship at Studio Flex. I expect to learn many different things and to participate in various projects.

Dominik: I expect to learn a lot during my internship period and I am already doing it even now to be present at studio flex and to hear project discussions. I also thought it would be nice to delve more into the construction calculations.



Kajol: I would love to see as many projects as possible. I have only seen fictional assignments at school for 2.5 years now. I therefore hope to get a bit of an impression of real-world projects.

Kaylee: I would like to be able to work on different projects and perhaps also to look at a construction project. It also seems interesting to me to see the process of how the final design ultimately comes about.

Dominik: As mentioned above, I would like to mean something in the construction calculations, because I don’t have much knowledge in that and it seems fun to learn something in that area. I also think it would be nice to see how the technical drawings are arranged.



Kajol: When I have completed my internship, I first want to get my diploma. After that I would like to continue to higher professional education. I am not sure yet whether I want to continue with the creative sector. In recent years I have found that I have a passion for the creative sector. So who knows … ?

Kaylee: When I have completed this internship, I still have three internships to go and three school periods. I’m probably going to do my next internship abroad. After this course I would like to continue my studies at HBO, which course I do not yet know exactly. If after this internship I still find architecture interesting, I may be going to do an education in architecture.

Dominik: After I’m done with this internship, I’m going to do my best at school again and I definitely want to continue my studies when I’m done with my education.