Since the summer of 2018 Studio Flex has been involved in the development of a brand new dwelling, located directly on the quay of the Petroleumhaven and part of the building project Laakhavens. On a plot with a construction area of approx. 57 m², a modern three- or four-storey house with a surface of almost 200 m² will soon be realized, including a front garden, private parking space, a spacious roof terrace and of course a magnificent view over the former harbor area, which is also redesigned. Through this blog you can follow the different phases of this challenging development trajectory closely. Starting from the first visit to the building site until the final completion: Are you curious? Stay tuned!

In the past few weeks we have been busy with the next phase of this exciting and versatile project. The outline design has now been completed and the necessary documents have been submitted to the municipality for the ‘kaveltoets’. We expect the outcome of this in the coming weeks, after which the permit process can be started.

In accordance with the client, Studio Flex has come up with a preliminary design for a four-storey house, the upper layer of which will be largely set up as a terrace, thereby realizing approx. 35 m² of outdoor space. On the ground floor a spacious garage is foreseen, with an additional car parking space at the rear. On the quay side, there will be an extra bedroom, which for example could serve as a guest room. The first floor is reached via an open staircase. The landing offers both access to the centrally located bathroom and two spacious bedrooms of about 16 m² each, as well as a separate toilet and laundry room. The bedroom at the front of the house is directly connected to the bathroom and offers, thanks to the panoramic window, a magnificent view over the quay and the harbor area. The second floor consists of one large space, with a luxury open kitchen at the rear with views of the street and the opposite new buildings. The kitchen will be designed minimalist and is of course provided with all amenities. The marble worktop is also designed to seamlessly blend into a stylish, high dining table that can accommodate 8 to 10 people. On the other side, one can find a comfortable living room of approx. 30 m², with integrated seating furniture, where you can completely relax. Next to the terrace on the third floor, a small but very light study room will be built, where you can work quietly.

The total usable area, excluding the terrace, will be over 160 m² and, despite the very spacious and generous layout, offers sufficient space for a family with several children and/or receiving guests. There is also space reserved for the installation of a passenger or goods lift, which will be able to reach all floors.

Both facades will be fitted with bay windows with panoramic windows on the first and second floor, which will not only increase the user area, but will also playfully integrate a traditional building element one will find often around the city of The Hague. The ground floor will also have large windows and will be finished with wooden cladding in a natural color. The other floors will be provided with solid black steel cladding. At the rear, a large round window will be placed on the third floor, so that the house really gets its own character and the terrace receives sufficient sunlight.

For the design and development of the first details, our architects and designers have had regular contact with the client. In many cases, we could let our creativity run free and we regularly pleasantly surprised and enthused the client. Broadly speaking, the current design can be described as contemporary, (multi)functional and minimalist, with subtle Japanese influences clearly recognizable in the details. These express themselves among other things in the use of color, the application of specific types of wood, the round window in the facade and the design of various interior elements. This apparent austerity does not mean, however, that comfort is surrendered, on the contrary: In a subtle and creative way, all sorts of unique and smart elements will be integrated into the design, which means that future residents will not lack anything.

In anticipation of the outcome of the ‘kaveltoets’, we have set some significant steps in the design process and the realization of the preliminary design.

In addition, we are proud to announce that Studio Flex has been able to win the trust of a second client and to develop another lot from Petroleumhaven-West. This client has managed to secure one of the corner plots in the same row of houses, so that there are certain similarities with the terraced houses, but at the same time a completely different house has to be realized. Meanwhile, the sketch design has also progressed a long way and we hope to be able to share more details soon.

To be continued…