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We still have half a year to go until 2020 is over, but the interior trends of 2021 are already known. These trends have been determined by various trendwatchers and we have selected these trends.

1. Navy colour
A navy colour is a trend in 2o21! The dark blue colour is seen as the new black to create elegant and contemporary spaces. It is a colour that is easy to combine with many different colours and you can apply the colour not only on the wall, but also on furniture.

2. Light wood colours
The use of light wood colours is inspired by a Scandinavian interior but can of course also be combined very well with other interior styles. Light wood colours are therefore a trend material for the interior. Until now you see a lot of wooden floors, but you can also use light wood for the wall and ceiling. Light wood colours will be a highlight for multifunctional spaces due to the raw colour and aesthetics.

3. Sustainable modern design
Sustainability is increasingly important to people and this is also the case in the world of interior. In the world of interior sustainability and design will be more combined and this will continue to be the case in 2021. More materials that have a low impact on the environment will be used, including recycled materials and bioplastics.

4. Statement piece
By using a statement piece in a room, attention is drawn to it. It is a good way to give your home a stylish look. The tendency with a statement piece is to create a luxurious, minimalist design space. Often these are materials, furniture, and accessories with a luxurious touch.

5. Natural elements

This is a trend based on bringing nature into your home. By using natural and organic materials that remind us of outdoor life, an interior is created that is mixed with nature. Materials such as rattan, wood, stone and bamboo are examples of this, and we will therefore see them much more in interiors.

6. Gray
In 2021 you will see many grey shades in the interior. Gray is a cool, neutral colour that can combine technology and modernity to create an elegant space.

7. Modern rustic
This trend is a mix between old and new. In this style you mainly see comfortable interiors with a hint of a contemporary interior. This style gives a new interpretation of classic times and here it shows design pieces that used to predominate.

8. Face line art
This is a design trend that you mainly see in the online world. Recently, this graphic art trend has been widely used by the millennium generation. In 2021, it is expected that this will be seen a lot in the interior through decoration and accessories.

9. Industrial style
In 2021 it is expected that we will mainly see the industrial style in multifunctional spaces. It is a contemporary style suitable for hybrid homes.

10. Neutral colours
In 2021 we will see many neutral colours again. These colours are ideal for creating more intimate and welcome spaces.