Since the end of 2017, Studio Flex has been involved in the development of a luxury apartment in an up-and-coming neighborhood in The Hague. During 2018, a vacant one-storey porch house in a poor state will be transformed into a unique two-storey, fully-equipped apartment. Through this blog you can follow the different phases of this exciting development project closely. Starting with the selection of the house, up to the final delivery and key transfer: Are you curious? Stay tuned!

The client of this project already had good experiences with Studio Flex in the field of real estate management through our branch of Building Stones. After the client had shown concrete interest in buying new properties in The Hague, we took the initiative.

In the short term, we were able to offer a few apartments with potential, spread across The Hague. The most important criteria were, among other things, a good location, the possibility of adding extra living space, part of a building with an attractive basic architecture and of course a purchase price within the available budget.

After extensive consultation with the client, the choice fell on a vacant, single-storey apartment on the second floor of an attractive pre-war building in an up-and-coming neighborhood in The Hague, not far from the center.

The object in question concerns a former social housing in a rather poor condition, which fortunately has been completely cleared and has already been partially stripped on the inside. The current living space is about 76 m², which are distributed in an unfavorable way over the apartment. The current layout ensures that the total living space can not be optimally utilized and therefore does not exactly meet the current housing requirements. Certain facilities are also outdated, such as the kitchen and the bathroom, the latter only consisting of a simple shower cabinet and a separate toilet.

The high ceilings in combination with the many windows and a cozy bay window, however, make it a very nice and bright apartment. At the rear is also a small balcony.

What makes this apartment especially interesting, however, is being able to realize a roof structure, which significantly increases the total living space and the total value, both practical and financial, increases enormously.

After the right apartment was chosen and purchased, it was possible to start making a first sketch design for the final metamorphosis in consultation with the client. This of course incorporated the possibility for the aforementioned roof structure, making the apartment suddenly interesting for a broader target group. On the basis of the increased number of square meters, an initial proposal for a modern and practical layout was also made.

The main role of Studio Flex during this development project will be the complete unburdening of the customer, in this case the owner and client. We will therefore take care of the entire project management, during which we will start and guide all the different phases throughout the entire process. At (as much as possible) predetermined moments there will be close contact with the client, so that his wishes are always at the forefront and he can give us all responsibility for the realization of his dream. Of course, we will always keep our eyes open for any opportunities, whether it involves cost savings, or any interesting ideas for adjustments that may arise during the project.

To be continued…