Since the end of 2017, Studio Flex has been involved in the development of a luxury apartment in an up-and-coming neighborhood in The Hague. During 2018, a vacant one-storey porch house in a poor state will be transformed into a unique two-storey, fully-equipped apartment. Through this blog you can follow the different phases of this exciting development project closely. Starting with the selection of the house, up to the final delivery and key transfer: Are you curious? Stay tuned!

In the months of July and August, despite the holiday period, a lot happened again. First of all, all partitions are placed, as well as doorways for the different rooms. With the closing of the walls, the electricity has of course been pulled and provisions have been made for future wall sockets and switches.

A major difference is the installation of window and door frames in the outer walls, including tumbled windows and doors to the roof terrace. In addition, the ceiling is insulated and sealed and electra points for ceiling lighting are installed in all rooms.

Meanwhile, the plumber has been there, which has provided the necessary piping for the still to be installed radiators and in particular all the amenities of the future bathroom, such as sink, shower, toilet, etc. A brand new remeha boiler is also installed. Of course not only the supply of water is fine, but also the sewerage is neatly applied. In principle, there is already little to see here, but a lot of work has been done in the walls and under the floor.

The exterior of the roof structure is now almost finished, all walls are smeared, the roof is covered and the drainage is as good as finished. In addition, attention has also been paid to details and the comfort of the new residents. For example, outdoor lighting will soon be installed and the actual roof terrace will be further finished.

But also on the ‘ground floor’ a lot of work has been done in recent weeks. All old ceilings have been demolished, part of the floor has been cut open to assess the old situation and to put some new piping in order for the luxurious bathroom that will be placed. On this floor the focus is mainly on stripping all unnecessary old elements of the apartment, so that all rooms will soon be ready to be redesigned and built up.

In our office, at Mezenlaan in The Hague, we have been busy for quite some time making a fairly detailed 3D model of the final interior of the apartment. There is almost daily contact between the employees at the office, the responsible contractor and the professionals in the workplace. The client is also regularly informed about important progress. In this way we keep the lines as short as possible and it is easy to communicate from all layers about, for example, any unforeseen situations, difficulties. By staying involved as close to the implementation as possible, Studio Flex can also monitor the quality and progress in every phase and see all progress literally with their own eyes. This not only ensures an efficient process and a good relationship between all parties involved, but also offers the possibility to make minor changes at the last moment, so that the best possible end result can be guaranteed.

To be continued…